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How To Find The Top Realtor In Your Area

When you are planning on selling your home you want a Realtor that is reliable, professional, and can sell your home quickly for a good price. While you most likely will find plenty of real estate agents in your area, you might be looking for the top Realtor. How do you know who is a top Realtor in your area?

Here are a few ways you can find the top Realtor in your area to ensure you get what you are looking for.

They Have A Lot Of Listings And Sales

One way to find the top Realtor in your area is to look for one who has plenty of listings. You can do this by searching the MLS system to check to see who the listed Realtor of a nearby house is. If they have a lot of houses on the market, it could mean that they are a top Realtor and in demand for their services.

Also, don't just look for a lot of listings with any Realtor, but also look to see how many homes they have actually sold. You can do a search for their sales for the past year, month, or even a few weeks to get a good idea of how they manage their listings and the kind of Realtor they are. If they have quite a few sales in the past few months, especially those over asking or close to it, they are most likely a top Realtor in your area.

They Make The Effort

When you are first looking for a real estate agent, always pick a few who you think will suit your needs the best and interview them before you hire them. You will find that one or two will stand out more to you than the rest. Once you have picked a couple who you like, ask them in-depth questions about their strategy for selling and marketing your home.

You will find that a top Realtor will make the effort to give you details of their marketing plan for your home and will also give you an honest answer of what they believe your home could sell for. They will work with you to stage your home and will market it in every place that is suitable for your style of home to find the right buyer.

A top Realtor will always make the effort to make you feel confident in them and their ability to sell your home.  

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