Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

How To Find Ranches For Sale When You Live Out Of State

Buying a home from out of state can be difficult enough. Shopping for an entire ranch from across the country can be even more of a challenge. Your first step will be to even find ranches for sale. They're not always advertised as widely as traditional real estate. Here are a few ways you can go about finding ranches for sale in your dream locale. 1. Call a real estate agent who specializes in selling ranch properties. Read More 

Stop It Before It Starts: How To Get A Headstart On The Springtime Ant Control

Temperatures might be on the frosty side right now, but spring will be here before you know it. When it arrives, you can bet that the ants won't be far behind. You can usually expect to experience your first ant encounter of the season as soon as the temperatures start to warm up. Unfortunately, the infestations seem to occur shortly after that initial sighting. The best way to stop the infestations and to keep ant activity under control on your property is to get a head start. Read More 

Having A Big Backyard Party? Two Reasons To Hire A Security Officer

Backyard parties can be some of the best around. It's great to be on your own turf because you're familiar with everything and don't have to be as uncomfortable as you would be if you had to travel to an unknown location. Planning the celebration is fun because it gives you the chance to let your imagination take flight as you piece together every little detail of the event. Great food is a must and the music has to be amazing. Read More 

3 Tips For Writing An Engaging Home Listing

If you are getting ready to sell your home, you need to make sure that you write a really engaging home listing. In addition to great pictures, the description for your home can really help you sell your home. Take your time writing the description and use the three tips below to write an engaging home listing. Use the Right Grammar As you work on your home listing, you need to make sure that you take the time to use proper grammar and spelling. Read More 

Give The Gift Of A Timeshare This Holiday Season

If you are looking for a big holiday gift idea but coming up empty, one possible solution you might not have thought of is to give the gift of vacations. That's right, not just one vacation, but multiple vacations in the years to come. Here's why you should tell your spouse or kids that you'll all be heading off to a timeshare vacation in the near future. Timeshares Help You Vacation in Comfort and Style Read More 

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Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

There is a lot of interest in flipping fixer upper homes, thanks in part to the various reality shows involving the subject that you can watch on TV. However, what you see on TV isn't always the reality of this type of work. My name is Mark Chavez and I have worked flipping fixer upper homes for over a decade now. While I love the work, there isn't always as much profit as they show on television and not every flip is successful. I decided to create this website to talk about the pros, cons and truths surrounding this industry. If you have been thinking about buying a home to flip, I hope my website educates you so you have a real idea as to what you can expect.