Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

3 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Rental Agent

If you've decided to rent out a property, then you have to find suitable tenants. This won't necessarily be easy if you've never been a landlord before. it might pay to use a real estate rental agent at this stage. What are the advantages of hiring a realtor at this stage of the process? 1. You Want a Quick Rental Once you decide to turn a property into a rental, you need a tenant. Read More 

How To Find The Right Fit When Buying Within Resort Communities

It can be very alluring to want to buy within resort communities. You may want to buy a home to use as your primary address, or perhaps you want a place to spend your vacations or even have a few weekend getaways. Whatever the reason for wanting to buy a home within a resort community, you need to not only find the right home to buy but the right community that fits your lifestyle and your needs. Read More 

How Your Real Estate Agent Can Lower The Costs You Incur When Transacting Property

Money is the most important determiner when it comes to real estate investments. If you are planning to buy a home or you have found one in an excellent location, you start by checking if it has all the features you dream of in a home. Once you are satisfied, you make an offer and hope that that seller will agree to send over the purchase agreement. Similarly, when you are buying property, you perform your due diligence beforehand and ensure that you have set the right asking price for the house. Read More 

Should You Be Buying A Home Right Now? Ask Yourself These Questions

Are you wondering if the time is right to buy a home? If so, it helps to ask yourself the following questions to know if you should move forward with your house hunt.  What Is Your Reason For Purchasing A Home? The first thing you should do is take a step back and think about your reasons for buying a home. What is motivating you at this moment that wasn't there before? Read More 

Buying Your First Home? 4 Things Not To Do

If you are ready to purchase your first home, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you do in order to avoid some classic mistakes that can derail the process. #1: Don't Start Looking for a Home Before You Apply for a Mortgage You can look online at real estate for sale before you get pre-approved for a mortgage. However, you shouldn't book actual physical viewings with a real estate agent until you are pre-approved for a mortgage. Read More 

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Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

There is a lot of interest in flipping fixer upper homes, thanks in part to the various reality shows involving the subject that you can watch on TV. However, what you see on TV isn't always the reality of this type of work. My name is Mark Chavez and I have worked flipping fixer upper homes for over a decade now. While I love the work, there isn't always as much profit as they show on television and not every flip is successful. I decided to create this website to talk about the pros, cons and truths surrounding this industry. If you have been thinking about buying a home to flip, I hope my website educates you so you have a real idea as to what you can expect.