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4 Ways To Make Moving Less Stressful On Kids And Adults Alike

With all the financial and legwork planning that has to go into moving, it's no wonder why the process tends to be stressful on adults – but moving is usually just as stressful on kids and can even result in consequences such as academic problems, separation anxiety, and even decreased self-esteem. So whether you're planning a local or long-distance move, taking steps to relieve some stress from the move can benefit everyone involved. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider implementing into your plans:

Invest in Packing Services

One of the best ways to take some of the pressure off of your move is to invest in packing services so you don't have to do the heavy legwork and you can spend more time enjoying your family. Instead of spending time packing, you can spend time at the park or the movies and come home to a fully packed house that's ready to be transported to your new place.

This should save you multiple days' worth of time and effort, and your professional packers will ensure that everything is protected from damage so you don't have deal with broken dishes or scratched artwork upon your arrival at the new home. Ask your packers to color-code the boxes so that you know exactly where everything should go when it's time to unpack – have the kitchen boxes marked with yellow tape or stickers, the bathroom coded with green, and the living room coded with blue.

Create a Countdown Calendar

You can relieve stress and add some excitement to your overall moving experience by creating a countdown calendar to use during the two or three months leading up to moving day. Mark an "X" on each day as it ends to help build anticipation for the move. Consider designating a couple of days during the countdown as special prep days that can be spent looking for new furniture, outdoor toys, or other goodies you'll need for your new place. The night before moving day, have a big celebration as a family to mark the occasion of your exciting new adventure on a positive note.

Spend Time in the New Neighborhood

It's helpful to dedicate some time to exploring your new neighborhood in the weeks leading up to your move if possible, as this will get everyone used to the surroundings and provide some insight into how life will be once the move is completed. Schedule a visit to the new school during lunch time to meet the teachers and students, head to the local park for a picnic and take a walk around the block of your soon-to-be new home so you can get a feel for the neighborhood vibe and get to know the neighbors on your new street. Spending time in your new neighborhood will also help you get the lay of the land so you know where all the stores and shortcuts are by the time you move in.

Put Together an Overnight Bag

You will likely find that your first day in the new home is less stressful if you pack an overnight bag that has everything you and your family need for the night so you don't have to rummage through boxes to collect it all. Pack entertainment in the form of books and games, some bedding or sleeping bags, toiletries, and clothing for the family. It's also a good idea to pack some sandwiches and snacks for the evening so you don't have to cook until you are ready to unpack some boxes the next day.

These techniques should be pretty easy to incorporate into your overall moving process, and they're sure to provide your family with some extra peace of mind that will come in handy while settling into your new place. For more tips, contact a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc.

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