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5 Automated Landlord Forms That Can Save Time & Money

Renting out property comes with a lot of paperwork, requests, and property management. If things are not properly organized, all of the extra work can become a lot more hassle than you intended. Instead of doing everything manually, property management software can automate a lot of different tasks. As a landlord, there are five different digital and printed documents that you can have automated through software. The documents will help save both time and money with your property management.

Tenant Applications

When a property is open for rental, you typically have to spend a lot of time meeting with possible tenants and waiting for them to fill out applications. Property management software can turn all of these applications into digital forms and remove the hassle of getting them filled out. If a person has seen the property and is interested in renting, you do not need to stand there and wait for the application to get completed. Instead, you can send them a quick digital form that they can fill out at their leisure.

Not only can you grant access to the digital forms, but you can receive instant notifications when they are received. This removes the extra time taken to follow-up on applications and questions applications where sections were not filled out. Some software programs have the instant ability to screen tenants for credit checks and other screenings that you perform. This makes it easy to approve or deny tenants without putting in all the work.

Maintenance Requests

As a landlord, properly maintaining the property is one of the biggest tasks once tenants have moved in. Instead of constantly receiving calls or dealing with problems in person, you can handle it all with automated maintenance requests. When a tenant has a problem, they can access their side of the software and fill in a maintenance request. This request includes a detailed description of the problem and attachments like photos and videos.

Everything is logged by date and time, allowing you to stay organized and prioritize the actual problems. The photo and video upload tools allow you to see the problem without having to travel to the property. From there, you can hire vendors or maintenance workers to go to the property and perform the repairs.

Rental Payments

Collecting rent is key to gaining profits and keeping your property active. Automating these payments can help you keep tenants paid on time and will help you from constantly nagging about due dates. Along with the actual payments, automated tools can help you deliver additional rent notices. For example, during the week that the rental is due, you can send out reminders with easy links to complete the payments. If the rental is late, then notices can be sent out on a set time that you choose. You can choose to have the late notice three days after the due day and then in various increments until it is paid in full.

Once payments are processed, the software can automated receipts and accounting for your property.

Check Printing Documents

Owning a property not only involves the collection of money, but you end up paying a lot for various services like heating, cable, and property maintenance. Filling out checks can take up a lot of time and be annoying, but property management software allows you to print checks and have them fully filled out. Along with the printed check, a digital version will be saved to the software. This allows you to track spending and when checks have been cashed.

By pairing the automated software with special check printing paper, you can add a professional look and additional security to every check.

Property Listings

Money is lost for every month that your property remains unoccupied. Quickly get the rental on the market with automated property listings. By preparing listing details and photos, you can have a property listing built into the software. When the property is opened up for a rental, you can automate the property listing so it is instantly published online and shared through a number of rental networks. The marketing is automatically done so you can have tenants without having to put in the extra work.

See how much time and effort you can save with fully integrated property management software. A lot of software companies through resources like might offer free trials so you can see how the application works for your needs.

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