Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

Going Apartment Hunting? Prioritize Upper Floor Units

While you make plans to move out of your current home, you may decide that you are interested in finding an apartment to live in. Checking out available listings in your price range may reveal dozens or even hundreds of units. So, you want to narrow down these listings by figuring out what to prioritize, and demanding upper floor units is worth doing for the benefits.


Although picking a safe neighborhood will help you feel safe wherever you live, you can maximize safety with an upper-floor apartment rental. Creating distance and obstacles between your unit and a potential burglar will help you improve safety and security.

Needing to take an elevator or go upstairs to reach your apartment will boost security because they are minor obstacles that everyone must navigate.

A major reason that upper floor units are so valuable for security is that their entry door, outdoor space, and windows are not easily accessible from outside. You can leave your windows open throughout the day and night without having to worry about crime at all.


Living in an upper-floor apartment gives you the best opportunities for desirable views. While garden level and low-level units still have the potential for impressive views, they are more susceptible to obstacles getting in the way. Buildings, fences, trees, and even bushes can block the outdoor space and windows, which can sometimes block most of your view outside.

While looking at units, you will likely find it easy to prioritize ones with the most incredible views from listings alone. Look for photos, videos, or 3D walkthroughs to see outside the windows. This will help you determine which ones have views you are most interested in.


Living in an apartment means you can contact your landlord when dealing with a pest problem. However, you may love the idea of avoiding pest problems altogether. An upper floor unit is far from ground level where most insects and animals will come from. So you will not have to worry about bugs getting inside when it rains or the weather starts getting colder.

Another perk is keeping wild animals away from your balcony. Some animals may like to visit ground-level patios while looking for food, water, or shelter and make a mess or cause damage.

When you go shopping for apartment rentals, you will find that upper-floor units are worth prioritizing for the benefits they can provide.

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