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Three Tactics To Consider If Your Home Is Not Selling Fast Enough

If you're house has been on the market longer than you like, and you are looking for ways to speed up the sale, then you might be considering drastic measures such as lowering the price significantly. However, before you go ahead and do something you'll regret later (such as lowering the price substantially) you might want to consider some of the following suggestions.

Bring In A Set Decorator

While an empty house might be ideal, it's not always practical. If you have yet to move out, and are still living in the house, then it cannot be empty. However, that doesn't mean it should stay as it is. What you might consider doing is getting an interior designer to come in and decorate. You should choose one that has worked with homes for sale, not one that will cater to your personal aesthetic. The goal is to create a design like that out of one of the decorating magazines people read. Speak with the decorator and let them know that the goal is to create a space that home buyers will like and where they can imagine adopting and implementing their own design aesthetic.

Have Professional Photos Taken

After you have had the design changed up, you should bring in a professional photographer to take new photos. You should not take the photos yourself (unless you are a skilled photographer) or rely on the real estate agents. Some real estate agents might have skilled photographers, but others might not. A skilled photographer can make the rooms look really spacious and roomy, as well as catch the exterior of the home in just the right light so that it looks beautiful. You can then hand these photos over to your real estate agent and have them use the photos when they advertise your home.

Market Your House Better

If you haven't gotten any responses to your advertisements, it might be time to bring in a more skilled and connected real estate agent. Pick a firm that is adept at maximizing exposure to your home. They should have a marketing plan to sell your house fast that includes some variation of online, magazine, newspapers, and agents. If you have been sticking with one local agent and they have been bringing almost no one around to your home, then you need to switch agents. No matter how polite or nice the agent is, you need to find someone else.

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