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How To Handle Home Bars When Showing Your Apartment For Rent

Having a bar in your apartment can feel like a huge luxury. It can make your home feel like a mix between an upscale version of "Cheers" and a glamorous old Hollywood flick where the heroes have in-home bars along with every other convenience. However, when it's time to rent your apartment, you may be second-guessing the home bar as a prominent feature of your apartment. Here is how you may want to handle the bar before placing your home for sale.

Assess Whether You Want to Keep It

You may want to reconsider whether you want to keep a home bar during the process of selling your home. Some home sellers opt to minimize the things they have on display. Depending on the area and your target home buyers, a bar may or may not be the best fit. Discuss the situation with your real estate agent if you're not sure whether home buyers in your area would likely to see it as an asset to the home.

Remove All the Liquor from the Bar

When you go to prepare your apartment for a showing or even an open house, it's a good idea to remove all the liquor from a bar. There are a variety of reasons for this, but since you probably don't plan to pour drinks for home seekers, it's simply better to remove it. Some real estate agents serve drinks at open houses, but many don't because of local laws, brokerage guidelines, potential liability issues, and other issues. It's best to simply remove it and keep things simpler.

Take Down Fluorescent Signs and Any Alcohol-Themed Décor

More than just the liquor needs to go. You need to think of making your home appealing to the greatest number of people possible, so it's best to put away any bar accoutrements and décor. Don't leave out fluorescent signs, mixers, or bar memorabilia. Instead, think about creating a bar with an ambiance that would be appealing to families. Try softening the bar area with neutral art prints, and consider floral arrangements or decorative vases that will have mainstream appeal.

Finally, keep in mind that any part of your home can be used to your advantage when you are showing your apartment. Consider your target audience and play up the positive features of the area. Ask your real estate agent if in doubt. Your realtor will know your local area and the ideal target market, so they can help you decide what works best for apartment renters. 

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