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2 Tips To Attract Out Of State Buyers To Your Tiny Home

Tiny homes already have an incredibly small number of people that are interested in the niche. Therefore, it can be difficult to find a buyer as quickly as you would a traditional home. Traditional homes are often sold to people who are nearby or at least in the same state, this may not be the case for a tiny home. Therefore, you need to consider attracting buyers that are out of state. This will help to expand the number of potential buyers. However, out of state buyers may not be able to just pick up and leave their lives. This may make the sale difficult. Luckily, there are a few tips to help attract out of state buyers to your tiny home when they're looking at homes for sale.

Make the Home Easily Transportable

One of the simplest ways that you can attract buyers from all over the country is by making the home easily transportable. This means that your tiny home will need to be built on wheels. If you did not initially build your tiny home on wheels, then this may be a worthwhile investment to undertake. A tiny home located on wheels makes it easy for potential buyers to move it from one location to the next without worrying about permits and zoning codes in order to uproot the home.

Consider Paying for the Transport Costs as a Part of the Sale

A number of additives are included in a sale in order to make the purchase more attractive to potential buyers. If you were selling a traditional home you may include furniture or any other thing accessory to try and sweeten the deal. In the case of a tiny home, you should offer to cover the transport costs. If your buyer is from out of state and they do not plan to relocate, then transport fees can take up a large amount of the purchase costs. If the transport fees are too hefty for you, then you can consider paying a portion of the costs. This will help to entice more buyers that may have been deterred by the expensive fees. It is important to make this clear in your contract to ensure there are no issues after the sale is complete.

Tiny homes offer a one of a kind experience. However, since the number of people interested in a tiny home is so limited it may be difficult to find the perfect buyer. Therefore, use these tips to help reach out to out of state buyers.

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