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Three Kinds Of Real Estate Rentals And What Each Offers

Real estate rentals are becoming very popular right now. Need a vacation house for a week? Rent it through an app. Need a commercial property as a temporary business site for a month or two? Rent it through a local agency. There are at least three kinds of real estate rentals you can rent short- or long-term now, and each has its own benefits:

Owner to Visitor/Tourist Rentals

Private property owners who have more than one property opt to rent out their other properties to earn some extra cash and keep the houses from being burglarized. (An empty house is a target house, as thieves would say.) The added benefit to visitors and tourists is that they have a "home away from home" while they are on vacation. They have all of the amenities they would have at home, but they are much closer to the attractions they want to visit while they are on vacation.

Landlord to Tenant Rentals

This is the traditional means of renting property, except that many landlords now offer flexible rental terms. The flexible rental terms mean that potential tenants can live in the rented space or store things for as long (or as short) as they like, and the landlord/lady never goes without a week's income. If you only need storage or a living space for a short time, find one of these properties in your area or your destination city.

Real Estate Agency Rentals

Real estate agents who buy up properties with the intent to sell now can rent the properties until the properties are sold. This has become a fairly common practice because it provides needed living space for consumers and the agencies do not lose any money on the listed property if it sits a long time before it is sold. Most of these properties are move-in ready, so renters do not have to do anything but bring their own furniture and personal belongings.

Additionally, real estate rentals may also include commercial properties. These commercial property rentals can be used as office spaces, temporary off-site factory workspaces, and warehouse storage. If it is a commercial and industrial property you seek for short-term needs, consult with a real estate agency in your area that rents these types of properties. You may even find some good "rent-to-own" deals on real estate rental properties that fit your current needs for business expansion.

Contact a company that specializes in real estate rentals for more information and assistance. 

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