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Luxury Homes: Where To Find A Mansion With A Close Commute To Wall Street

If you happen to work in Manhattan, and you have worked hard and been fortunate enough to make a tremendous amount of money then you might be in the market for a very special type of home. There are many large and beautiful homes outside of the city in the suburbs, but if you're looking for a really special house, specifically a mansion, then you have to be very precise with your real estate search. While there are splendid mansions out in the Hamptons, they are not an easy commute to the city. So, it can be difficult to live there and also commute to the city. However, there are some really nice places you can look into. Below you will find two nice places to consider looking for your luxury home.

Fieldston, The Bronx

The Bronx is home to mansions. This might sound strange to people who have just moved to Manhattan for business and are searching for a luxury home, but it's true. Fieldston is a section of Riverdale, itself known to be ultra-exclusive. Fieldsmen is particularly ritzy. There are splendid mansions in the area, homes that would look at home in the most upscale architecture magazine or television show. The area also has some of the best private schools in NYC, so it's perfect if you have young kids. The area is also close to the Hudson River, as well as a huge park that has horse stables and hills to go hiking in. It's truly a paradise in the city. Best of all, you can hope right on the Henry Hudson and drive down into Manhattan in the morning.

Greenwich, Connecticut

If there is one downside to Fieldson, it's that you can't often find lots of land. The houses are huge and luxurious, but space is at a premium because it is the city after all. So, if you want a mansion with lots of land, you should look towards Connecticut. In particular, you will want to look at Greenwich. This is known as the Gold Coast in some real estate circles. The mansions are gigantic and you also get lots of property. The other amazing thing about this area is that you can also get waterfront property. The homes are truly something you would see in a movie. Huge estates with beautiful coastline. And the coolest thing about Greenwich is that you can take the Metro North right into Midtown Manhattan every morning. It's a super quick commute and you won't have to worry about driving in with your car and having to deal with traffic.

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Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

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