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Buying A Home With No Credit

You may think that you aren't in a good position to purchase a home because you have no credit. However, there are ways that you can get around this, so you can get a home regardless of your lack of credit history and score. Here are some of the things that you can do in order to purchase a home with no credit:

Pay for the home with cash: One of the ways to get around buying a home without credit is to simply pay cash for it. If you are in the position of paying cash then not only will you be able to get around having your credit run altogether, but you will also own the house outright. This means you won't have to worry about paying mortgage payments in the future. Your only responsibilities will be to keep up with your yearly taxes, to protect yourself with insurance and to pay your regular bills to keep yourself in services.

Go with for a 'sale by owner': If you buy a home that is being sold as a for sale by owner then you can often altogether forgo the credit check altogether. However, they will generally want for you to have a good amount of money to put down as a down payment when you go this route. The terms of the sale will be decided between yourself and the owner, with the help of your realtor if you are using one. However, this means that you can be quite creative if necessary.

Consider going with a government-backed home loan: There are some government-backed home loans that can be used to purchase a home when you are working with no credit. A government backed home loan will look at other factors instead of simply your credit score, or lack thereof. They will look at other factors that show them that you can be counted on to pay your mortgages such as your rental history, your employment history and more. These loans can also be helpful because they can often cover things like the down payment and other fees in some cases. You do want to keep in mind that just about all types of loans want to make sure you have enough left over after your bills to cover the amount of the mortgage, so start working on lowering your debt as soon as you start thinking about home ownership.

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