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Kids Need More Space? Four Upgrades You Should Add To Your New Game Room Addition

If it's time to add a game room on to the house for your kids, be prepared to include some serious upgrades. The right upgrades will make the room perfect for the whole family, and lead to many enjoyable days, and nights. When designing the room, it's important to remember that your kids are going to be entertaining friends in it, which is where the upgrades will come in handy. Here are four important upgrades you should add to your kids game room.

Upgrade the Insulation

If you thought insulation was just for making your home more energy efficient, you've never had a room full of loud teenagers in your home. The additional insulation in the walls will act as a noise buffer, which means you won't need to be disturbed by the loud, rambunctious noises coming from the game room when your kids have their friends over. Of course, the added benefit of an energy-efficient game room is nice too.

Install Additional Outlets

If your kids are like most US kids, they probably have an abundance of electronic gadgets, including televisions, game systems, computers, etc. If your kids are going to power those gadgets safely, without the use of extension cords, they're going to need plenty of power outlets in their new game room. Talk to your contractor about installing additional outlets throughout the room. Don't forget to upgrade the wiring for their computer systems too.

Think Built-In Cabinets

If your kids are going to be using the game room as a multipurpose room, such as study area after school, you'll want to be sure that the room is equipped for the transition. The best way to do that is with built-in cabinets. Adding a built-in entertainment center, as well as a built-in study area, will allow your kids to utilize the space for multiple functions. Not only that, but the built-ins will free up valuable space, since you won't need to worry about additional desks and entertaining centers. If you live in earthquake territory, the built-ins will allow you to avoid placing top-heavy, free-standing entertainment units in the room.

Choose the Right Flooring

The final upgrade you'll want to add to your kids new game room addition, will involve the flooring. You'll want it to be stain-resistant. You could add tile or hardwood flooring, but the tile will allow noise to travel, and the hardwood flooring could damaged during hard play. Instead, choose a textured carpeting that will hold up to your kids. Be sure to include a good application of stain-guard.

Don't take your kids new game room lightly. Talk to a home contractor about adding the upgrades described above.

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