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Keep Your Apartment Complex In Order While Away On An Extended Vacation

If you own and manage an apartment complex and have been wishing to take an extended vacation, you may think that leaving your current location is not in your best interest since your tenants' needs wouldn't be handled while away. Instead of foregoing the trip, think about using the tips below to keep the complex in order and satisfy the residents who rent property from you:

Hire A Manager

Interview prospective property managers and provide them with a tour of the premises that you own. If you find a candidate who can handle running the complex while you are away, provide them with detailed instructions concerning their work duties and a viable way to contact you at all times. Prior to leaving for the trip, have the property manager work alongside you so that they can learn the ropes the proper way.

If you have an apartment unit that is empty and the manager is willing to reside on your property, offer the living space to them. By having a property manager readily available to assist renters, problems that arise will be handled in a prompt manner and payments for rental units can be collected when they come due.

Have Units Inspected And Crucial Repairs Handled

Plan a time to have the apartment units professionally inspected and receive the lowdown concerning repairs that need to be made. Repairs that require immediate attention, such as leaks or malfunctioning heating units should be handled before you leave for your trip. Other minor repairs that can be handled over the course of the next few weeks or months can be made as you see fit.

If you would like to have some of the repair work completed while you are on vacation, inform your property manager about the impending problems and instruct them to make arrangements with a contractor to have the desired repairs made. 

Install Security Devices

If security at your apartment complex hasn't been updated in years, now is the time to think about having new devices installed that will help protect your property and the tenants who reside there. Motion detectors, new locking systems, and fire alarms will prevent intruders from becoming a nuisance and will alert the authorities if an emergency situation arises.

If you choose to have updates concerning any security devices that are triggered, inform your property manager to contact you immediately or have the security devices programmed to alert you through a mobile device if one of the devices is activated. 

Contact a company like property matters management for more information and assistance. 

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