Flipping Fixer Upper Homes

Selling a Small House in an Upscale Neighborhood

Selling a small home surrounded by bigger ones isn't easy if you only follow the normal procedures for selling a home. Here are other tips to follow in addition to the normal procedures:

Prepare To Impress On All Other Areas

You may not be able to compete with neighboring houses in terms of price, but this doesn't mean that you can't compete in other areas. In fact, going all out to impress in other areas will go a long way in making your house stand out, which is a big deal in a property sale. Here are some of the things you can do to impress your prospective buyers:

Ensure That Everything in the House Is Operational

Selling a house with annoying and visible defects such dripping toilets or short cycling air conditioners is bad at the best of times; it will be worse if the defects are in a tiny house in an upscale neighborhood. Don't give buyers one more reason to ignore your house; fix the malfunctions.

Ensure Your Curb Appeal Is First Rate

Your landscaping, exterior wall, front doors and even roof should all be in good condition and clean. Do everything possible so that nobody can use a negative adjective to describe your curb appeal.

Make the Interior Welcoming

Your potential buyers won't stop by the door so you need to make your interior immaculate. This is not the time to have squeaky floorboards in your house.

Prepare To Put Your Emotions in Check

Expect to meet a few disappointed people during the sale, and some of them may convey their disappointment to you explicitly. It's understandable that you love your house, but you shouldn't let your emotions cloud your judgment or interfere with the sale. Treat everyone as a prospective buyer and remember that you are interested in their checkbooks, and not their praises.

Be Cautious On Pricing

Pricing a property right so that it doesn't hurt you financially or drive away buyers is not easy. It's even more difficult to do it if you can't compare your price to similar houses in the neighborhood because there are no similar houses. Unfortunately, this is the prospect you will be faced with if you are selling a small house in a neighborhood filled with big houses. You run the risk of setting your price higher than you should by comparing it to the neighboring houses. Therefore, involve a real estate agent to help you adjust the price and compensate for the property's size.

For more information, contact a real estate agent.

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