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2 Types Of Protection You Should Consider For Your Home Ownership

As you look for the right home to buy, there are many aspects you consider to help you narrow down your search for the perfect piece of real estate. Once you have invested in the time for locating the home of your dreams, you want to make sure it is protected against any title issues and against any unexpected problems with the home's systems and components after you take ownership. Here are two types of home protection you can arrange for to help you with these two areas of concern on your next home purchase.

Title Services

One of the most important parts of buying your next home, after securing the financing, is making sure your get a clean and clear title when you take ownership of the home. When you legally own a home, you don't want anyone coming forward in the future claiming ownership to your home and putting your rights in jeopardy.

For this reason hiring a title search service to complete a title search is the way to protect yourself. Leading up to the closing date of your home, your title service professionals will thoroughly search through the property's title history. During this search they will look for any unknown liens from past debts owed by a previous homeowner, and unknown easements or encumbrances, or disputes with the property boundaries. They will also look for any unknown heirs that may have been missed if a previous homeowner passed away. Your title services will then inspect the property's public records to make sure they are all correct.

As part of the title services, your title company will issue title insurance to you as the property owner and also to the mortgage company, if there is one in the transaction. Then, if any problems or disputes arise in the future, your title insurance will protect your interest with the property and its title.

Home Warranty

While title services can protect your home against legal encumbrances, unknown liens, and other issues, a home warranty is similarly important but to protect the systems and components within your home. A home warranty will cover various parts of your home, depending on the type of warranty and the scope of its individual coverage.

A home warranty will cover such areas as the furnace and air conditioner, the home's dishwasher, electrical, and interior plumbing. You can also buy a traditional home warranty and add on coverage for specific items in your home, such as a hot tub, or your washer and dryer. Contact a home warranty company for details of their warranties.

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