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Manage An HOA? 4 Reasons To Hire On-Site Security Guards

If you're the HOA manager for your gated community, and you haven't hired a security company to provide protection, it's time to make changes. Gates do provide enhanced protection; however, for maximum protection, your community should have the benefits that only a professional security team can provide. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to hire a security company for your gated community.

Provide 24-Hour Gate Monitoring

If you have gated access to your community, you need to take your protection to the next level. The best way to do that is with a professional security team. Controlled access points don't go as far as they should where protection is concerned. First, gates can break down. Second, cars can sneak through with other cars. Both of the situations allow for security breaches that can undermine the safety of your residents. A security team will be able to provide 24-hour gate monitoring, ensuring that only authorized residents and their guests are able to come through.

Provide Neighborhood Patrols

If you want to make sure that safety and protection extend beyond the front gate, you need to hire a security team for your community. Hiring a security company will provide neighborhood patrols throughout your community. That means better security for your residents. Security patrols can help reduce crime by providing a clear presence within the neighborhood. Not only that, but your residents will feel more safe and secure knowing that they have a security detail patrolling their streets.

Provide Protection for Common Areas

If you have community parks and recreation areas in your neighborhood, your residents will benefit from a security detail. Security teams don't just provide protection for residential neighborhoods and access gates. They also ensure enhanced protection in common areas throughout the community. Because of this enhanced protection, you can feel safe sending kids to the parks, or taking evening strolls through the neighborhood.

Provide Security for HOA Meetings

If your HOA meetings have a tendency to get lively from time-to-time, it's time to hire a security company to help keep the peace. When emotions run high, there's an increased risk of injuries. Unfortunately, if your residents suffer injuries during a volatile HOA meeting, your organization may be held liable for those injuries, especially if you knew about the potential for violence and didn't take steps to ensure security. On-site security will help maintain the safety of your HOA meetings.

For more information on security guards, contact a security service near you.

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