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Buying A Home For A Large Family: What Should You Look For?

If you have a large family, then it stands to reason that you need to buy a pretty sizable home. However, you should not just be paying attention to square footage and the number of bedrooms when shopping for a home. There are several other features that are equally as important and that you should also look for when shopping.

1. Neighbors Further Away

When you have more than a couple of kids, things tend to get noisy! Whether it's a brother and sister arguing or someone practicing the drum set at 6 am, you don't want your large family's noise disturbing the neighbors. You want friendly, welcoming neighbors who will be kind to you and your kids, and you're more likely to get that in a home where the neighboring houses are a little further away. They don't need to be a mile down the street, but they shouldn't be 50 feet from your home, either.

2. A Big Yard

On summer days, especially, you are going to want to let the kids go outside and play so you can have a little peace and quiet indoors. With a larger yard, there's room for things like a swing set and a fort, so your kids will have plenty to occupy them out there. Plus, with more space in the yard, multiple children can play multiple games without stepping on one another's toes.

3. A Big Garage

Even if you only have one car, you absolutely want a 2-car garage — if not bigger. Your kids probably have a lot of snow gear, sporting equipment, and the like, and the garage is the perfect place to store it, so it does not get everything dirty or clutter up your indoor living space. An attached garage is more convenient, but it's actually cheaper to insure a house with a detached garage, making this a viable option if you're trying to keep monthly costs down.

4. Hard Floors

Carpet is soft and looks nice when it's new. With multiple kids, it does not stay new for long. You are better off choosing a home with hard floors of some sort so that you can easily wipe up your kids' spills. Vinyl and linoleum are good choices. Hardwood can be nice, but it is a bit more prone to staining and damage when liquids are spilled on it.

A home with the amenities above is better-suited to large family living. You need more than a lot of space and big bedrooms! Reach out to a company such as Bone Realty to learn more.

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