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Stop It Before It Starts: How To Get A Headstart On The Springtime Ant Control

Temperatures might be on the frosty side right now, but spring will be here before you know it. When it arrives, you can bet that the ants won't be far behind. You can usually expect to experience your first ant encounter of the season as soon as the temperatures start to warm up. Unfortunately, the infestations seem to occur shortly after that initial sighting. The best way to stop the infestations and to keep ant activity under control on your property is to get a head start. Here are four steps you can take to control the ant population around your house. 

Schedule an Early Treatment

If you've stopped your pest control services for the winter, you'll want to schedule a treatment before spring officially arrives. Applying that initial pesticide treatment will help stop the ant infestation. Not only that, but the professional treatment will continue to work for several months, which means you can schedule your second treatment for right around the time when ants become their most active during the early spring months.  

Clean Up After Your Pets

If you have pets, they may leave some messes around their food and water bowls. If they do, you'll need to start tidying up their area after each meal. Those tiny morsels of food and drops of water that get left on the floor are the perfect invitation for ants. Once ants come out of hiding in the spring, they'll be attracted to the area, and they'll continue to follow the trail. The best way to prevent ant activity is to clean your pet feeding areas after each meal. It's also a good idea to elevate the food and water bowls. That way, mealtime messes are easier to clean. 

Clear the Weeds

If winter has left your gardens with a few weeds and dead foliage, be sure to clear things away before spring arrives. It may be a bit chilly outside while you're trying to clear the gardens, but the early attention will take away some of the hiding spots that the ants will try to use around your yard. 

Stop the Drips

Finally, if you've experienced your fair share of freezing nights this winter, you'll need to pay close attention to your hose bibbs once the weather starts to warm up, especially if you've left your hoses connected. The freezing temperatures may change the way your hoses fit, which could result in some drips. Unfortunately, ants are attracted to standing water, which means those drips will provide the perfect invitation for early ant invasions. To avoid that problem, remove the hoses until spring arrives and make sure that all the hose bibbs are drip-free. 

If you end up with an ant infestation or you would like to learn more, contact an ant control service near you. 

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