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Live In A Warm Climate? 4 Tips To Stay Cool In An Apartment Rental

While living in a hot climate, you need cooling solutions to stay comfortable throughout the warmer months. Moving into an apartment means you cannot make substantial changes on your own. To stay comfortable, you need to prioritize apartments with suitable features and qualities.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioning system is worth demanding because you cannot rely on fans and windows to keep the temperature down. Many apartments in warm climates have a central air conditioning system or window air conditioner. While a window air conditioner may work in a studio apartment, you will get more cooling by getting central air in your apartment rental.

Moving into an apartment during summer is a smart strategy that allows you to test the air conditioning while on tours. If an apartment does not feel comfortable, you should ask to turn the thermostat down to see how the air conditioner performs.

Natural Shade

Getting natural shade is another strategy for keeping your apartment cool. Large shade trees that block out direct sunlight throughout most of the day can provide excellent results. Even tall buildings nearby are capable of keeping sunlight away from the windows and exterior walls. Large bushes, privacy hedges, and fences can also help to keep your apartment more comfortable.

Floor Height

Staying cool is an easier task with a basement or garden-level apartment rental. Since heat rises, you do not have to worry about the heat from other units increasing the temperature inside. A major advantage of a basement apartment is that exterior walls are not fully exposed to the sun.

Finding low-level apartments that meet your needs is not always a possibility. In this case, you should make it a goal to avoid upper floors because sunlight exposure is common in these units.


Certain features in an apartment can contribute to staying comfortable. Ceiling fans work well since they allow you to increase your thermostat by four degrees without decreasing your comfort level. A worthwhile demand is getting ceiling fans in both your bedroom and the living room. This setup will make it possible to move between each room and stay comfortable inside both of them.

Hard flooring such as tile will help you feel cool, especially when you walk around barefooted. If you cannot get tile, you should still prioritize any hard floor option over carpeting.

Staying comfortable in an apartment is easy to do when you commit to making these demands and priorities during your search. Talk to a real estate agent to get help looking for properties for rent.

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