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Three Scores That Will Help Your Apartment Application Chances When You Have An Eviction On Record

An eviction from a prior house or apartment can seem like the end of the world when it comes to renting again. It is important to remember that thousands of people go through eviction and end up bouncing back from these circumstances. If you do have an eviction, especially one that is several years old, you can start to apply for apartments in your name again. The good news is that there are other scores that will factor into your apartment chances when you are applying this second time around. Here are three other scores to work on before you apply for another apartment after eviction. 

Your current FICO score 

An eviction can be a hit to your credit score, but if you pay it off or even make a deal to have it removed, you will have improved your chances of being approved for an apartment significantly. Aside from paying off your eviction or asking for the already paid debt to be deleted, you can improve your credit score by applying for cards meant for those with credit struggles. By paying your credit cards on time for a year or more, keeping your reported utilization rate under 10 percent, and having more than one credit account, your score will raise many points. If you are having trouble being approved for a card, you can ask your personal bank or credit union for a secured card or ask family and friends to add you to their already established tradelines. 

Recent rental history with your landlord

Although you made a mistake in the past, you can redeem yourself by having good references with your current landlords. If your landlord is able to provide you with a good recommendation and perfect rental history over the past year, you will be a better candidate for a second chance apartment. For those who have evictions that are paid off and have been more than five years old, a good current rental history may even net you a traditional or luxury apartment. 

Job letter plus paystubs for long-term employment 

One of the reasons why rental companies and landlords are hesitant to rent to someone who has had an eviction is because this is an indicator of having financial income issues. If your income is enough for the rent, come with both two months' worth of pay stubs and letterhead from your boss or HR to show that your job and income are secure. Having good credit and a good, stable income, significantly increase your chances of being seen as a good renter. 

Look for second-chance apartments near you while keeping these tips in mind.

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